The crossing of cultures that is the heart of jazz music is evident in the sounds created by Keilwerth saxophones. With a range of expression from warm and melting tones to the highest and most penetrating notes, all the energy from generations of influential musicians is what will emerge.

Although founded and pioneered by the musicians and in the music halls of Europe, the Keilwerth Saxophone emerged on the World market in the latter part of the 20th century due in no small part to the American Jazz Musicians who embraced the brand for the freedom it gave them in creating their own voice. Through the years, musicians in every style of music have relied on Keilwerth Saxophones for their bold and distinctive sound, durability, and consistent performance.

Julius Keilwerth Saxophones are manufactured and distributed by Buffet Group and may be purchased through any authorized Buffet Group USA dealer.


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